Words matter. They can move people to tears, or rage. They can light you up, or bring you down.  The right words can stir and move you, rouse you to take action.  Like write a comment. Click that link.  Sign up for a newsletter. Type in your credit card details.  But to have that power they have to resonate, they have to sing to the soul and awaken the heart. 


If writing copy isn’t your thing, I can help you in two ways:

Consultation: I’ll help you review the copy on your website, blogs, newsletters and social media, make key suggestions for retelling your story in a fresh, dynamic way that reflects the heart and soul of your business and then work with you to make those changes.

Online Portfolio Management: I can manage all or some of your online portfolio for you on an ongoing monthly basis, writing blogs, newsletters, press releases and creating content for various social media platforms on your behalf.




social media

Remember, the more presence you have online, the stronger your online identity and the greater your chances are of being noticed and getting engagement.  But.  That doesn’t mean you have to be on every platform out there.  The service I offer is not about chasing vanity metrics and increasing your stats. It’s about helping you to build an engaged community of like-minded people who resonate with your product or service and who follow you because they support and love what you do.

newsletters, mail campaigns

We  all complain about our bulging inboxes, but email is still the most effective way of communicating one-on-one with your customers.  The art is in persuading your mailing list to open your mails, in fact to look forward to receiving your newsletters because you always give them something they want whether it be unique and relevant information, great special deals,  new product announcement or the latest news on a topic they’re interested in. Building a mailing list can be one of your most important and valuable online assets. Don’t overlook the humble email as a powerful way to have a conversation with your client list.

website content

This is where you showcase who you are and what your business is all about.  Your website content includes your blog, and it’s where you get to tell your story, express your authority and the skill with which you do what you love.  It’s the one piece of real estate in cyberspace that you fully own so let it shine with the clarity of your purpose. Not only through the words you use but your imagery and design.

articles/press releases/brochures

Take advantage of opportunities to offer articles or advertorials to magazines and other publications knowing you have someone who has in depth understanding and is attuned to your business to write these for you.  Press releases and brochures are yet another platform to tell your story and give a voice to your business.  Make them shift paradigms.