I have some truly awesome clients who are fun, interesting and doing amazing work on this planet!  Here’s what they have to say about working with me.


NEO combo

“When I took over the natural and organic distribution business NEO TRADING; I knew it was important for me to communicate regularly with my customers but this isn’t my strong point so I was delighted to be able to hand it over to Nina, who apart from having an excellent understanding of my business, is efficient, proactive and always a professional.  Initially, I was concerned as I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to measure my ROI, but customers tell me how much they enjoy our newsletters, finding them fun and interesting and sales have steadily improved. I now have a thriving business and can relax, knowing that my online presence is being taken care by someone who acts with integrity and who respects the ethics of my business.” Jill Bysshe, owner www.neotrading.co.za

ECO Combo“Social media is something I find complex to grasp besides which, I’m too busy running my business!  However, I do know my online presence should form an integral part of my marketing strategy.  This is why I decided to outsource the management of my blog, facebook page and twitter accounts to Switched On Media, but I got so much more because Nina goes well beyond what most social media agencies would do.   Nina has been attentive to every part of my marketing needs, she takes a genuine in-depth interest in my business and understands exactly who my audience is.  She also takes the initiative, making suggestions and recommendations that are perfectly aligned with my business objectives.  Working with Switched on Media has been hugely valuable to my business and has boosted my client base well beyond expectation.  I have not looked back once.” Dr Sarah Venter, owner of EcoProducts www.ecoproducts.co.za

FGT combo

“I needed someone to project-manage the implementation of a key service on my website; this person had to understand IT and be able to work with IT professionals, had to understand the niche I operate in (urban agriculture and organic micro-farming in the townships) and be able to write appropriate content.  Nina has the right background, excellent communication skills, and continues to make a significant contribution to how we’re developing our online presence.”  Rob Small, executive trustee www.farmgardentrust.org . Co-founder  www.abalimi.org.za and www.harvestofhope.co.za

Gayleen's combo“I was looking for someone to help me work out how I could grow my natural chocolate business using online strategies and media.  The difficulty was choosing someone whom I could trust to understand my business and be of real value – would I be paying for a service that would actually benefit me?  When Nina was recommended to me, I was very unsure what the outcome would be, however I was pleasantly surprised!  Nina looked at my business in depth and asked key questions which at first seemed unrelated, but later turned out to give me just the focus I needed.  Nina seemed to understand not only the business side of things but also the people aspect and the dynamics involved.  I found Nina to be very knowledgeable about current trends in social media and she came across as someone dedicated to give her very best.  Should I need someone in this field again in the future I wouldn’t go to anyone else!”  Gayleen Evans, owner www.gayleensdecadence.co.za

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“Being an importer of organic products, our energies are devoted to working with our suppliers and selling to our customers with little time for learning the intricacies of managing our online presence so I was especially impressed by Nina’s comprehensive and very current knowledge of all social media and customer communications platforms.  Our consultations with Nina were extremely fruitful and focussed, her professional and efficient approach kept the momentum going and ensured the job was finished on time and in budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Switched On as one-stop solution to anyone looking for a focussed online presence. Nina’s a great pleasure to work with!” Michael Holmwood, Operations Manager www.harrewynorganics.com