How to talk business online with clarity, authority and authenticity.

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Want to get switched on?


Here we go. First I’ll guide you through an exploratory process:

  1. I want to find out more about you,  the purpose of your work, what excites you most about your business?
  2. What is the narrative intelligence behind your organisation?  What is your story?
  3. Does your organisation really need to be engaging with your customers online? Believe it or not, not every business does and I’ll ask you some key questions to find out if yours fits into that category.
  4. Which online media would best suit your business? As in life, there are different ways to talk to people online via blogs, newsletters, mail campaigns, facebook, pinterest and other social media. Which is best for your business?
  5. What is the “voice” of your business like? Warm, friendly, enthusiastic? Authoritative, strong and provocative? Together we’ll name and describe how you want to come across online.
  6. What online assets do you own that you’re not leveraging effectively? A languishing Facebook page or blog, customer email addresses you only sporadically send emails to?
  7. Online engagement can only be optimal if it leads to a great website that’s happening, current and alive. Is yours? I can help you to evaluate your website and together we can assess if anything needs to change.

Then we’ll work out the best way to approach your online strategy. I can help you in two ways:

  1. Consultation: I’ll help you assess your online assets, guide you through the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your website, help you set up the infrastructure for newsletters and social media, train you or your staff and then you’re on own managing your online presence – with Switched ON in the wings should you need more assistance.
  2. Online Portfolio Management: I can manage all or some of your online portfolio for you on an ongoing monthly basis, writing blogs, newsletters and running various social media platforms on your behalf.


My Services

Social media

It’s the marketing buzz on everyone’s lips. But do you need it? If so what will it do for you and which platform suits your business best?  Here are some considerations: are you a B2C business because you own retail, a restaurant or offer a product or service directly to the public? Do you believe your business can generate sufficiently interesting and diverse content to post at least 2-3 times a week? For example does it deal in many diverse products, strong concepts and themes, is it of social interest to a specific niche, or relatively large section of the population? does your business have strong visual content such as a range of attractive products which are diverse and visually appealing and are constantly being updated? If you answered yes to all of the above, then social media is definitely worth considering.

Remember, the more presence you have online, the stronger your online identity and the greater your chances are of being noticed and paid attention.  Having said that, “presence” is not about having to be on every platform out there.  The service I offer is not about chasing vanity metrics and increasing your stats. I want to help you build a community of like-minded people who resonate with the work you do and follow you because they support you.   Choose social media platforms which really allow your business to express itself. Think about what resonates with you personally but also  your customers.

Newsletter, Mail Campaigns


We all complain about the massive amounts of junk mail we get, but research shows that email is still the most effective way of communicating one-on-one with your customers. The art is in persuading your customers to open your mails, in fact to look forward to receiving your newsletters because you always give them something they want whether it be unique and relevant information, great special deals or new product announcement or the latest news on a topic they’re interested in. Building a mailing list can be one of your most important and valuable online assets. Don’t overlook the humble email as a powerful communication tool to your customers.


This is where you can make the personality of your business shine! You have something to say, you’re an authority in your field and there are people out there who love what you do, want to know more and are thrilled to get plugged into your world. It doesn’t have to be lengthy to have impact and if your blog is an integral part of your website, so much the better as it lets search engines know your website is alive, regularly changes its content and is a happening place! That way, you improve your chances of being seen online and increase your SEO. Give me the basic raw data, an in-depth understanding of your business and we can explore how I can write your blogs for you.

Articles/Press Releases/Brochures

Need a print flyer or brochure for a trade show or expo? I’ll work with your designer to produce just the right text. There are plenty of online trade magazines and publications out there and they’re all hungry for great content. If you can present them with a ready-made well-written editorial, article or advertorial to go with your advertisement, promotion or giveaway, you increase your exposure and credibility with the additional coverage. See how it’s done here.