I have no doubt that the way we language our thoughts has a profound effect on what we create in our lives. Yet over and over we forget the powerful creative force words have.

The way we use every day words has become as invisible to us as the air we breathe; it’s there but we hardly notice it. This ‘not noticing’ is what allows things that need to change to remain unchallenged – maintaining the status quo depends upon you and I ‘not noticing’.

Words are magical elements that conjure up the world around us yet we’re blind to their alchemy even as we live in the midst of it. Intuitively, we know that words have an energetic frequency that evoke feelings and emotional states; words can uplift and comfort and also provoke storms and agitation.   But what does this mean for your business?

How do you discover the right words that powerfully name and express the highest vision of your business and then communicate that to your customers in ways they will understand and respond to?  As a writer, I work in this realm of invisible creation by crafting marketing stories online that are in alignment with what you stand for:

Every blog you publish is part of your story. Every newsletter you send and every social media post you put out there tells your story. Make each one count.

We’re told we’re living in a time of attention-scarcity, where information needs to be delivered as quickly as possible, in the form of an image or infographic and that blogs and newsletters need to be short and easy to read with lots of big headings and bullet points.  As a result, much of what we ‘consume’ online is like pre-digested pap – it all begins to look and ‘taste’ the same, we don’t even have to ‘chew’ on anything – just swallow.

The truth is we still need finely crafted, inspiring words that move hearts and minds, now more than ever – because with words, we create our reality, and our reality is in urgent need of re-imagining.

And what’s my story?  I’ve worked for many years in corporate IT, and  then started my own businesses.  Before that, I’ve been a supermarket checkout teller (I was 14!),  guitar teacher, jazz singer/song-writer, waitress, studied Drama and English at university and I have a teaching degree. Apart from the writing I do in my work, I also write personal essays and memoir.

I am drawn to those SME’s in the green eco-sector who are working to create a more heart-based sustainable economy and heal our fractured world through their products and services.  I love to work with organisations with a conscience, driven by a mission and a vision and who actively want to serve a purpose greater than simply selling a product. I also have a deep interest in food, where it comes from, how it’s made and how it affects our biology and psyche. And because I’ve owned my own business and worked in the green industry since 2007, I know the language, the ethos, the issues, and I understand distribution processes, retail and merchandising.

That’s why I started switched ON media. To help you to do what you do best – run your business – while knowing that all your digital communications are being taken care of in a way that truly reflects the essence of your work in the world.

So, what’s it like to work with me?  Go here to see what some of my clients have to say.