Where’s your place in the Story Biome?

Biomes are distinct biological communities that form in response to a specific environment. A rain forest is a biome and so is the human gut. How well a biome functions depends on how balanced its ecology is. The more diverse the inhabitants, the more dynamic and varied the interactions between organisms, the richer and more interesting that ecology will be. It will teem with life.

What if there were a Story-Ecology?

Humans are hardwired to respond to story-telling. It’s how we imaginatively make sense of ourselves, our world and each other.  There are several big stories that could be seen as the dominant story-species in our cultural environment. There’s one that’s bent on unfettered growth at all costs. Its story line centres on increase – of wealth, size, quantity of things produced, things consumed. More. It’s a predatory story eating up human energy, time and planetary resources. It’s a story repeated by so many, over and over, a single story so huge it seems as if it might be the only possible story.

And yet it isn’t. There’s yours which is different.

It’s when we allow the big narratives to blot out the sunlight that shines on other different stories, that we become spiritually and culturally malnourished.  Stories get embedded deeply in our psyches, they can captivate the world. Adam and Eve, Princess Diane, 9/11, Little Red Riding Hood, The Matrix.   We say stories spread like wildfire. #MeToo.  But all too often it’s only the big stories that get our attention. For a thriving Story Biome we need a rich multiplicity of narratives in an environment where even the smallest micro-story occupies a treasured space.

We lack story-diversity. Blinded by the immense narratives of our time, we’re unable to notice tiny new different stories emerging from the undergrowth.

Chimamanda Adichie talks compellingly about the dangers of seeing only a single story.

In truth, we are lovers of uniqueness, we are fascinated by the unusual and the new.  It’s why so many follow the David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series.  We love to be astounded by what’s possible in our world.

My interest is in helping those who tell a different narrative, to create their place in the Story Biome.

Do you have an idea, product range or service that’s different from anything else out there?  Are you yearning for a team to collaborate with to find the right visual and word language that articulates your value, that connects you to your true customers?

I work with businesses and individuals who deliberately seek to create diversity, fresh perspective, alternative ways to live life.

What wondrous tale does your business tell that hasn’t been heard before?  Where can it find a place to thrive in the Story Biome? You have your own unique necessary place in the Story Ecology.  Own your space.

Where does Switched ON Media come from?

I was so eager to enter the world of work that my first job was at 14 pretending to be 16 working as a supermarket checkout teller. I soon diversified into giving guitar lessons to children and adults, being a jazz singer/song-writer on the entertainment circuit, a waitress, I’m an English and Drama Honours graduate and  have a high school teaching degree. Since then I’ve worked for many years in corporate IT before starting my own businesses. Apart from the writing I do in my work, I also write personal essays and memoir.

I’m fascinated by the hidden power of words, how they are these magical elements that conjure up our reality yet their alchemy is largely invisible.  I am intrigued by and love discovering the different ways language shapes and motivates us. How it unfolds shimmering ever-changing landscapes in our souls.

I also have a deep interest in another kind of alchemy: cooking. I devote myself to learning the wisdom inherent in food traditions such as fermentation; for instance every time I take the time to make yoghurt, or sauerkraut, or fermented sodas, I feel a resonating vibration with generations of food-makers before me, a resonance that infuses the food I’ve made with an energy that nourishes on another level. I like to study how food affects our biology and psyche.

Because I’ve owned my own businesses and worked in the eco-sustainability industry since 2007, I know the language, the ethos, the issues, and I understand distribution processes, retail and merchandising.  It’s through running my own businesses that I’ve come to realise the fundamental importance of figuring out your business narrative, to properly tell the world what you do and who you do it for. And how that changes as you evolve.

So, what’s it like to work with me?  Go here to see what some of my clients have to say.