You know you want a compelling online presence that says ‘WOW!’ but what really works and what’s important to get right?   You’ve got social media but do you need a blog as well?  As a strategic thinking partner,  I help people get clarity on their business online presence. My clients have described what I do  in other ways too: I’ve ‘cleared a mental logjam’, ‘shone a light’, led them to an ‘aha!’ moment that’s allowed everything to fall into place.

One client even described me as her hidden competitive advantage!

I’ve worked for many years in big corporate IT, in small businesses and started my own businesses.  I’ve been a supermarket checkout teller (I was 14!),  guitar teacher, jazz singer/song-writer, waitress, my university training was in Drama and English and I have a teaching degree.   Throughout my various careers, I’ve always cared about one thing more than anything else: how we connect with each other.

Business has always been about having conversations.

What’s different now is that those conversations are happening online, both privately and in the public eye. Not only that, those conversations leave a digital imprint, an indelible word trail that becomes an integral part of your online identity.

So you want to make sure you’re leaving behind  impressions that truly reflect the ethos and spirit of your business in the same way the impression you’d make meeting people face to face would do.

Of course conversations online are different from face to face meetings. How do you convey sincerity, tone of voice or feelings with the online written word? How do you communicate authenticity, your presence, your authority?

It’s an art. It’s about learning to tell the better story.

We’re increasingly communicating more visually through images and video.  But even the most visual of businesses still needs to use words. They still need to tell a story via blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, articles, press releases and social media. And it’s the shape, impact and feeling of your story that I’ll help you achieve.

I have a particular love for working with those SME’s in the green eco-sector who are working to create a more heart-based sustainable economy.  Organisations with a conscience, driven by a mission and a vision and who actively want to serve a purpose greater than simply selling a product. I also am passionate about food, where it comes from, how it’s made and how it affects our biology and psyche.  Because I’ve worked in the green industry since 2007 I know the language, the ethos, the issues, and I understand distribution, processes and merchandising.

I’ve worked in and owned small green businesses where the whole focus was on creating trusted relationships with our customers –  to be seen as a trusted source of excellence – in both the products we offered and the service.

What happened,though, was that I soon  found I just didn’t have the time to focus on doing what I do best – writing and connecting with my customers on line. And every business owner I speak to says exactly the same thing:

 “I know it’s really important – but I just don’t have the time!”

That’s why I started switched ON media. To help you to do what you do best – serve your purpose – knowing that your online presence is reflecting who you really are and letting you shine!

So, what’s it like to work with me?  Go here to see what some of my clients have to say.